Our Missions

Compliance and Capacity Skills International-Asia Pacific (CCSI-APAC)’s team of experts supports Governments and industries in international and national security through the non-proliferation of missiles, weapons of mass destruction, and conventional weapons.

our projects

Our experts draw on their diverse backgrounds and experience in the United Nations and governments to provide cross-cutting, comprehensive advice.

We conduct research and seminars on:

  • Security Trade Control, Missile/WMD/Conventional Weapon Non-Proliferation
  • International Sanctions Compliance
  • Cyber Security, Digital Transformation
  • Proliferation Financing
  • Custom and Border Control
  • Maritime and Port Security
  • National Security
  • Economic Statecraft
  • Gender and Human Rights

Based on their unique career paths, our experts also provide international career development advice.

About the logo and website

Bamboo flourishes in many parts of Asia and the Pacific islands. It is resilient and strong. The CCSI-APAC logo is created with a bamboo motif, symbolizing the growth and prosperity of the region. The logo and website are designed by a team of young Afghan designers, trained in the program, Code to Inspire.